How to Validate Your Go-to-Market Strategy with Agile Research

Whether you’re bringing a new product to market or relaunching your brand, validating your go-to-market strategy can prevent mistakes that have the potential to turn into disasters.

From understanding your target audience’s purchase behavior to knowing what words resonate with them, discover how agile market research methods can reduce mistakes and improve time to market.

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Join David Ashiru, Director of Sales at OnePulse, to learn:



Which go-to-market strategy components can you test and validate



How market research can  support your go-to-market strategy



Why agile research is the preferred method for fast-paced brands


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David Ashiru

Director of Sales, OnePulse


David Ashiru is Director of Sales at OnePulse, a real-time consumer opinion platform. With a background in advertising and consumer intelligence at Kantar, David has always been passionate about helping clients reach their potential when it comes to consumers. David joined the business after seeing its potential as a transformative, “no-brainer” way of collecting consumer opinions.