Market Research Myths, Explored: Is Agile Research “Quick and Dirty”? 

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Many research experts worry that agile methodologies cater to “professional survey takers" and lack quality control. Is this true or does this method simply have a bad reputation as the new kid on the block? 

In this webinar, we debunk this myth and discuss why agile methodologies are the future of the consumer insights industry. 

Watch On-Demand David Ashiru, Director of Sales at OnePulse, discuss:

  • The differences between agile and traditional research methodologies, and how each method effects completion rates

  • Why agile research should be a tool in your consumer insights toolbox

  • How to encourage consumer engagement as attention spans continue to dwindle

Featured Speaker


David Ashiru

Director of Sales, OnePulse


David Ashiru is Director of Sales at OnePulse, a real-time consumer opinion platform. With a background in advertising and consumer intelligence at Kantar, David has always been passionate about helping clients reach their potential when it comes to consumers. David joined the business after seeing its potential as a transformative, “no-brainer” way of collecting consumer opinions.